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Frammenti: Elenco


A 45 min performance exploring how multiple personalities can coexist in one human being.

The ego, a collection of lived experiences, fears, emotions, traumas, moments rich in feeling, generating individual creatures all in one person. In Frammenti#1, the artist launches herself in her personal research. Connecting to her disciplines of hair hanging and aerial straps, she begins her search for acceptance. Illuminated by a thousand mirrors, she invites her audience to reflect on, and to connect to her journey.


Surrounded by metal mannequins, she is confronted with her fragmented ego. The exploration of her personalities helps her to embody her search and to question: Am I a strong woman?


Frammenti#1 is an inner journey; a journey towards acceptance. Every small move towards the darkest shadows leads the artist to find herself, identify with herself.


Director Cecilia Rosso

Performer Cecilia Rosso

Dramaturg Jakob Lohmann

Music Raphael Albanese

Light Design Alexis Bardon, Jakob Lohmann

Technician Jakob Lohmann
Artistic Assistant Inge den Adel
Video Raphael Albanese

Outside Eye Tarek Rammo, Athanasia Chatzigiannaki, Ganna Veenhuysen,
Kim-Jomi Fischer & Marta Alstadsæter

Supported by Panama Pictures dans, De Warande, Arte Makìa,
Sementerie Artistiche, Spoffin Festival, Interspazi

Co-produced by Mirabilia Festival Europeo

Funds from Keep an Eye Foundation, Festival Circolo

Dossier Frammenti#1

Technical Rider Frammenti#1- INDOOR

Technical Rider Frammenti#1- OUTDOOR



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