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Spaces is a multidisciplinary project combining installation, light art and performances. The exposition will recreate naturalistic spaces using non-natural materials. In this artistic process we experiment with materials like mirrors, metals and fabrics like organza, that allow us to play with their ability to reflect lights.

Interacting with the elements in four different rooms, Spaces provides the public with an experience of self-perception and reflection in research of identity. The exposition invites people in the audience as single individuals to take time to perceive themselves in the space in relation to the installation. To connect to their physical body, sensations and inner feelings. At the same time establishing a sense of community through this shared openness to receive and experience in the different rooms.


Dossier SPACES

The project is supported by

Makershuis Tilburg, Makersfonds Tilburg, NORMA Startefonds

The material present on this page show the different steps of research made until now new information will be added in the future.



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