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Cecilia Rosso is an interdisciplinary artist from Italy, based in the Netherlands. Her work is personal and addresses themes like self-perception, self-reflection and identity, both as individuals as well as in connection to society and groups. These themes and personal expressions are translated in her work through combining her movement language and circus background, with structures that reflect light, absorb and manipulate lights. With her personal and ambitious approach, Cecilia Rosso aims to be active in the international artfield, connecting different worlds and individuals.


Cecilia graduated in 2021 from the Academy of Circus and Performance Art in Tilburg, The Netherlands, specialising in aerial straps and hair-hanging. During her studies, she started to question her perception of performance and experimented with different disciplines. Gradually her vision opened from the world of physical theatre and cabaret to appreciation of the coexistence of multiple art forms. 


Her artistic practice now focuses on her collective Profondo Rosso, developing interdisciplinary projects. Aside to this, Cecilia performs solo circus acts and in pieces of other companies. At times she also works as stage technician and as a teacher, giving straps workshops and private lessons. 

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"My inspiration for all of my work comes from personal experiences as well as photography. Processes of creation start from strong visual ideas and my interest in character psychology, which has evolved from a personal search for my own different faces. I expended this interest to the wider context of humanity itself and the human individual acting within it. I study how multiple personalities can coexist in a single physical body and how this fluctuates according to situations and interactions. 


My attraction to the power of photography is related to the quality of freezing a moment, making it eternal. I am interested in the concept of visual perception by the human eye, questioning the different meanings and layers that an image integrates. With my collective Profondo Rosso we bring these ideas into a three-dimensional and interdisciplinary practice, inviting the audience to interact and reflect themselves in our work. Using elements from physical theatre, I bring personal themes and relatable characters to the scene.


In the scenography, we focus on the study of light and its reflections in relation to other materials. Even though my interest in performing in theatres is still present, we are exploring the various possibilities of creating installations and performances that can be admired in different contexts and that welcome different kinds of interactions."



"I am always interested to connect with other artists that are attracted to similar themes. Additionally, we aim to find opportunities and matches to support and further develop our work. Please visit the page of Profondo Rosso to discover our activities and connect with us! 

You can find collaborations with photographers in the gallery.

Find me and my team at our performances, check the calendar!"


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