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Another big love I slowly start to discover in the years in the Netherlands is photography.

During my studies I was able to get in contact with different photographers and be a model for them.
Here you will find some of their works and some collaborations.



In 2019 I did pose for Andrea Macchia.
The work was then shared in the poster of Mirabilia Festival 2019, Cuneo (IT).


Between 2020 and 2022 I had the plasure to pose in different occasion for Jona Hanrnischmacher, friend, circus artist and an amazing photographer.

Thanks to him I got in contact with the artist nude and material work.

Forest's shapes

Forest's shapes explore the beauty of human body in relation with nature.
The album is a collection of shoots taken around the forest of The Netherlands (Tilburg).
Some of the shoot see the collaboration of Shalom Gramiccioli as photographer.

Floating Plastic

Flooting Plastic it's another outdoor shooting that took place in Zeeland (NL) in 2022.
The shooting itself explore the relation between environment, a plastic sheet and a human body.

Mannequin's cage

Mannequin's cage is a collaboration created in 2020 in the Loonse en Drunense Duinen, Tilburg and the Hall of Fame, Tilburg. 
The shooting is the inspiration of the works Frammenti. The shooting session see the collaboration of the following models: Athanasia Chatzigiannaki, Shalom Gramiccioli, Julie Micheneau, Ines Arabi and Lara Schontal.

Lights and Organza

Lights and Organza took place in 2020.
The shooting brought to the creation of the circus act Vulcano presented in 2021 for the graduation at the Academy of Circus and Performance Art. A side to that the shooting is also the first inspiration to the creation Spaces.