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Jakob Lohmann

Jakob Lohmann is an artist from Germany, born in 1995. He studied circus at Codarts Circus Arts Rotterdam, the Netherlands from 2014 to 2018 and extended his studies further from 2019 to 2020 by joining the Anfibia Project, an interdisciplinary performers training in Bologna, Italy. Since 2021 he is recognized member of the International Dance Council CID, official partner of UNESCO.

Jakob’s stage work is concerned with the actor/spectator relationship in various forms and aspects while drawing parallels to the structures in our society. This political aspect carries through into his work off stage, taking shape in public interventionist activities.

"How can we challenge the established expectations and performance formats within art to create work that goes beyond consumption and forces the spectator to take action as part of the development of the performance?"

Aside to his own creations Jakob is working as dramaturg with the artist Cecilia Rosso. 

Jakob works also in other projects:

  • Plock! by the Belgian company 'Grensgeval' (internationally touring)

  • funder of ‘The HUB Rotterdam’ (2021) an initiative aiming to support and help upstarting artists and creators while promoting interdisciplinary collaboration in the city of Rotterdam.

Dramaturg | Performer | Technician


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