I grew up in a small Italian city in constant contact with nature; in order to go to school you were forced car and, public transport almost did not exist. Due to that fact  during my first years of school I was always playing outside, I always loved to move, run, and play sports.

Since I was a child I have been in contact with the world of competition but given my innate impatience I have never been able to stay there for long. At the age of six I was immersed in a swimming pool and swimming became one of the first sports I practiced; but my love for water was never enormous, indeed I dare say that we do not love each other at all. And that’s how I hurried away from that wet sport.


 I quickly plunged into a new activities,  more precisely two (I have always been hyper active so much that in addition to school and sport I spent several years playing different instruments, even there my impatience did not help!): to the amazement of many I tried gymnastics, but my lack of femininity and the desire to run around in company have meant that this experience did not last more than a couple of months; at the same time I began to play volleyball that unlike other sports was a great passion.

For ten years of my life I shared sweat, fatigue, tears and smiles with my teammates. I was so in love with volleyball that my biggest dream was to go national. Unfortunately instead of my impatience instead my genetics in the way, well yes my one meter fifty in stature did not allow me to make the leap of quality: at the age of 16 years I tried the selections to play in D Serie but because of my height I was not selected.

It was so that after 10 years of unconditional love for volleyball I left trying to find a new future that could satisfy me; and it is here that a little 'luck and a little 'joke made myself end end up here in Holland.



My circus course begins at the age of 16 in the small amateur school of my country Italy; there I started as a basic acrobat then experimenting in new disciplines as handstand and hand-to-hand. At the time of 18, at the end of my time in high school, I found myself deciding what to do with my future. Like all parents, my parents expected me to continue my studies, unfortunately or fortunately  that was not my case, I decided to follow the circus and enter the world of art.  

At the dawn of my nineteen yearsI made the selections  for the school
Cirko Vertigo Foundation where spent my first two years of training. Vertigo was for me the beginning of all this, the beginning of an adventure.

It was also the beginning of one of the most beautiful relationships of my life, it was in fact between the valleys of Turin that I fell in love with my straps (circus discipline), why the straps? Well at the time I had chosen the straps following what were my greatest ideals or demonstrate how despite my being a woman I could do a discipline that at the time was heavily associated with  the male world! Well yes, I don’t know if the word feminist suits me totally, but surely I always believed in "equality" between man and woman or at least I always believed that with strength, sacrifice and training I could reach any technical level I wanted!

In the two years at Cirko Vertigo I started to immerse myself in what was the world of the circus, coming more and more in contact with this fascinating reality. To fall in love  more and more with it, and to change what had been a bet and a game in to something real and possible.



So it was that after two years of living with my straps we decided to go elsewhere to find new inspirations but above all to improve our communication together and understand which direction to take in our future.

In 2017, I auditioned again and after traveling with my straps between France, Belgium and the Netherlands I decided to go to ACAPA (Academy of Circus and Performance Art).
The years in Holland have been years for me to get lost, to meet, to recognize and to evolve in something new. And they were also because of my relationship with the straps.

…We showed up with great pride, sure of ourselves, sure of who we were, ready to fight for our ideals, but little by little we started to die, and discovering more and more our weaknesses and fears.


The first two years in Acapa, were for me very similar to the years I spent in Vertigo, and probably I too was much like I was during my time in Italy .
It was during the third year that things changed, my training course changed and so my love for the straps. It was in fact at this time that I began to approach other disciplines, such as capillary traction and sport whipping, but above all I began to approach a different concept of performance.
It was at the end of the third and fourth years that my interest began to shift from what can be called New Circus to a more contemporary conception, if before my work was more focused on finding the characters to be brought on stage and their relationship with the straps creating more a dramaturgy; gradually I moved to a vision that I would stay on the ground, more and more inserting the importance of elements such as scenography, lights and getting closer to the world of Visual Art and installations.
This evolution occurred within my artistic vision was surely due to Fontys and how during these years I had the opportunity to cooperate not only in the world of the circus but also in the world of technology. It is in fact in these years that I started my training as a technician ,focusing more in the world of rigging and with a great interest in the world of lights. And it is from this world and my enormous passion for DIY that I have approached the knowledge of new materials, In this regard, a special thanks goes to all those who have endured and supported my madness in building exponential quantities of scenography. It was in fact thanks to the various workshops available in Fontys that most of my strange ideas have had life and that one day, in a future I hope not far away, will be staged.



If Fontys and all the help I had in these years is my present, Covid is the trigger for developing my future! During my last year of school I started to search new innovative solutions that could allow me to perform in the future! I currently have a couple of projects that have  me, my straps and my extravagant scenography as protagonists.

I am working on two projects that I would like to expand and develop more in my future; the two projects are Vulcano and Frammenti.



It's currently my graduation project, is born from the concept of visual perception and how this is different in every human being. Using lights and a construction suspending a shimmering fabric in a tube around me.



It's  a project that was born from the idea of creating a show only inspired by the literature of Pirandello, Italian writer, and especially the concept of Uno, Nessuno e Centomila...

The inspiration is also born from my way of seeing my persona, I have always considered myself being an envelope containing the various faces of my character or the different personalities that live in me.


Winning the Jacques De Leeuw Price could give me the chance to develop these two new projects

through artistic residencies and collaborations.

It would also give me the opportunity to broaden my vision of the concept of performance and of the performative space.

One of my greatest dreams is in fact to create a platform where artists can share their artistic processes and their art forms.

The idea is to create performative exhibitions by recovering natural outdoor spaces or disused buildings. Thus obtaining an exchange of art and rehabilitating abandoned places.