During my studies my artistic vision had a more theatrical connotation. The research started from the character to be brought on stage with a psychological study of the later learning more about the emotions and facial expressions.
The work consisted mainly of a personal psychological search for the character itself within my different personalities, often digging deep to elaborate real life situations and recovering the emotions previously experienced  to be able to  absorb  and reinterpret them during the creative process.
The psychological study was then translated into motion by going to study the latter in its different components and evaluating its reading by the public.
The costume and the surrounding environment determined by the soundscape and the different characters, emphasizing the story and expanding the effect on the audience that is to be emotionally linked with what happens on the scene.



The search for the different characters brought on stage so far has meant that I could slowly approach my way of seeing society and reflecting myself in it. If at the beginning of my journey
I searched for my idealisation of perfection, over the years I changed my research by getting closer and closer to accepting my being and the various faces of the myself .
The concept of multi-personality and self search still accompanies my artistic research, my vision of life, one of my greatest interests is to pass this concept through my art, to mobilize primarily the acceptance of myself
but at the same time I would like to share this feeling of acceptance between the people that are going to experience my performance.



The research of a new direction...

The idea of multi-personality is linked to another concept very dear to me: the concept of diversity. Every human being perceives and is perceived differently according to different factors, one of these is what characterizes each of us, namely our history, our background.
According to the latter the very perception of the world around us varies, creating different worlds that coexist within what can be called "actual world".
To better understand and study this concept I have gradually approached the world of pictorial and sculptural art and photography as a model: During the various posing sessions I started to admire how my body changed in relation to who was looking at it and drawing/sculpting. This is how my interest began to move to the world of visual art using light as an interlocutor and studying the different refractive effects and the way in which it is perceived by the human eye.


The union of the two worlds, multi-personality and diversity (related to visual perception), characterize my current productions that are therefore a union of visual art and circus performance; Hence the desire to explore more the idea of performance as an installation and then move the performative place from the theater to museums and art galleries.